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It's absolutely critical to the longevity and health of your new plaster to follow the standards set forth by the National Plasterers Council (NPC).  You must keep detailed pool chemistry records to validate any warranty claims with the plaster manufacturers and your plaster company.  Below you will find our start up instructions card we left with you when we plastered your pool, additionally you will find the startup standard instructions from the NPC to ensure your service company is following to properly startup and maintain your new finish.

RENU Pool Plastering Warranty


Contractor warranty covers the following improvements for one year from the date of completion as long as the work was performed by Renu Pool Plastering:

  • Tile installation 

  • Coping installation

  • Plaster installation

  • Plumbing installation

The warranty is subject to the following limitations:


  • Freeze damage or other uncontrollable factors are not covered.

  • Discoloration caused by foreign material falling or blowing into the pool during or after the plastering process is not covered.

  • Upon a warranty request we will request your chemistry records for the body of water since the plaster was applied.  If you cannot provide these they will void your warranty.


Please refer to your RENU Pool Plastering contract for all the details regarding your product warranty.


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